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Fellsphoto photographer Malcolm Grant Purvis standing in a cottage door

with Gael, Lamplugh, 27th April 2007



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Malcolm Grant Purvis : assisted first by Tammy  thumbnail : Tammy on Cul Mor trig point, then by Bonnie, Megan thumbnail : Megan head shot, Shep, and Moss  thumbnail : Moss head shot


then Gael  thumbnail : Gael head shot who was later joined by her friend Cassie  thumbnail : Cassie head shot  ...... and now Cassie's been joined by Bess:    thumbnail : Bess head shot



A photographer's assistant at work ........


shooting the Raise panorama

shooting the Raise panorama  ~  May 2006  (Gael guarding the pack)




What a good girl am I !

It took some doing, but I've got your next film out of that annoying  little can for you!


~ ~ ~


Dateline Aug 6, 2008  ~  2 year old Cassie has now joined the team


Happy Cassie

Cassie has never been on the fells ..... or met sheep!

Training will have to commence a.s.a.p.


~ ~ ~


Dateline May 27th 2009

Sadly Gael died on April 20th 2009 after an horrific epileptic seizure from which she could not recover.

She was one month two days short of her fifth birthday.

Cassie is now in charge.

As of May15th she has spent two weeks on the fells ....... and been introduced to sheep:


explaining about sheep   
Helvellyn summit
  on Binsey cairn ~ Skiddaw view 


She does not yet know how to open film canisters!


~ ~ ~


Dateline Jan 9th 2010:  and now we have Bess:  


9 week old Bess being held



May 2010 -  7 months old and her first visit to Border Collie heaven:

Bess & Cassie lying in heather on Broom Fell
Bess & Cassie on Grisedale Pike summit
Bess & Cassie lying amongst the Rannerdale bluebells

on Broom Fell top

on Grisedale Pike summit

amongst the Rannerdale bluebells


Thankfully Cassie still doesn't know how to open film canisters - otherwise she'd teach Bess!


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