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Happy Cassie

Happy Cassie

2nd March 2008  :  1yr 9 mth

born 19th June 2006


Cassie at 8 weeks (face)     Cassie, 8 wks, nose to nose with Gael

just arrived in her new home  :  Cassie at 8 weeks  (16 Aug 2006)  :  meets a new friend

8 wk Cassie in her box bed     8 wk old Cassie behind flower pot - touching noses with Gael

Cassie at 8 weeks  (17 Aug 2006)                                                                                                                         Cassie at 9 weeks  (23 Aug 2006)

Cassie 11 wks standing by fence     Cassie 14 wks peeping through fence

Cassie at 11 weeks  (6 Sep 2006)                                                                                                                         Cassie at 14 weeks  (27 Sep 2006)

Cassie sparring with Gael     Cassie touching noses with Gael on a walk on the bridleway

Cassie at 14 weeks  (27 Sep 2006)                                                                                                                         Cassie at  22 weeks  (23 Nov 2006)


the boss holding 21 week old Cassie                

with the boss outside her old home  :  2nd Oct 2006   :   15 weeks old                                  



with Gael on the bridleway

with Gael on the bridleway embankment    :   4th Mar 2008   :   1yr 9mth


Wednesday 6th August, 2008:

Due to her owners' health issues, Cassie came to live permanently with Gael.


running with Gael in the churchyard              with Gael in the cemetary

learning sheepworking commands in the churchyard   :  29th Oct May 2008   :    2yr 4mth                  :                                     with Gael  in the graveyard  :  18th Nov 2008   :   2yr 5mth


Cassie eating snow

7th Feb 2009


20th April 2009 : catastrophe

Gael (headshot) 

Cassie's friend and mentor, Gael, who she'd known from the day she'd left her mother and  who gave her her sense of security, died of her epilepsy.

Cassie was alone.


the boss to Cassie explaining about sheep on Sale Fell              Cassie standing on Binsey cairn

explaining about sheep  :  Sale Fell  :  3rd May 2009   :    2yr 11mth                  :                  her 1st visit to Collie Heaven              :             on Binsey Cairn  :  8th May 2009   :   2yr 11mth


Cassie on Helvellyn summit cairn

on Helvellyn summit   :   11th May 2009   :   2yr 11mth  


Saturday January 9th 2010:

Nine months after Gael passed away the boss decides it's time Cassie has a companion:


4 mth Bess sitting by Cassie on bridleway embankment

 with  4 mth old Bess on the bridleway embankment 21 Mar 2010  :  3yr 9mth




on Broom Fell top 22 May 2010  (Grisedale Pike behind)    :     Bess 6 mth old - her 1st visit to Collie Heaven    :    on Grisedale Pike summit 23 May 2010                          



Bess and Cassie in the Rannerdale bluebells

with Bess amongst the Rannerdale bluebells 18 May 2010  :   3yr 11 mth



Cassie leaning out of car window              Cassie looking out from the Stow Fen haybales     

New Year's Resolution : to become an ace window rider  :  6th Jan 2012  :   5yr 7mth                                                       atop the Stow Fen beet stack haybales   :  10th Dec 2011  :  5yr 6mth



Cassie with white gym ball              Cassie pushing white gym ball

her new obsession: the sport of Treibball  (Drive Ball)   :   27 May 2012  :  5yr 11mth



Cassie by the computer desk sitting up at knee asking for ball play

19th June 2012  :  pleading to play with the ball



laughing Cassie on Stow Fen walk   laughing Cassie when playing Treibball


still from the video 'Walk On The Fen'            :         2nd & 10th  July 2012  :  6yr 1mth   :       still from the video 'Born To Treibball II



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