Bassenthwaite Lake from Dodd summit during a break in the rain

Barf summit : view East over Keswick to Derwent Water and distant Helvellyn


 Amazingly there is no camera shake despite being hand held while barely able to stand in ferocious 50mph winds.

 Benign though the scene appears, I had to make several sorties out from the shelter of a low outcrop (out of picture to the right) to take the shot with legs spread and braced, leaning into the blast, trying to time the exposure with a lull between gusts. Problem was: the lulls were barely less intense than the main gusts.

this is the view to left of camera of Skiddaw with Bassenthwaite Lake below :

Barf summit - Cassie lying with Skiddaw behind

Cassie seemed unbothered by it. Being on four legs and low to the ground is a definite advantage in such circumstances!


click here for the view west
over Bassenthwaite Lake to Binsey 
thumbnail : west from Barf summit over Bassenthwaite Lake