Thornthwaite 2015 (Sept) Gallery

Digital photographs taken while staying at our base in Thornthwaite, nr. Keswick, September 2015

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Sunday 13th - Stile End and Barrow


Skiddaw from Stile End ascent


Skiddaw and Blencathra from Stile End top


on the descent from Barrow: retrospect into the sun of Stile End with Grisedale Pike on the far side of Coledale


from the same spot:  Skiddaw with Braithwaite below


Tue 15th - Grisedale Pike


looking back along the NE ridge 






Lord's Seat (3.6km/2 miles)


looking west to Grisedale Pike's north ridge, Hobcarton End


alternate view


~ ~ ~


Wed 16th p.m.  -  up through the forest to

Barf ...... and then to Lord's Seat 


from the forest road approaching the Sayer's viewpoint  




from the forest road approaching the Sayer's viewpoint - wider view


Keswick, Derwent Water and the Helvellyn range from the Sayers viewpoint


alternative view





Bassenthwaite Lake and the SE crags of Barf from the forest top road


where the Barf footpath from the Swan Hotel enters the dark forest to join the forest road with the Vale of Keswick and Clough Head in sunlight


16x9 crop from the pine trees panorama


sheep alert as we approach the top. The view across Bassenthwaite Lake to Binsey with Scotland on the horizon


the panorama from Barf

from Criffel across the Solway in Scotland; nearby Sale Fell (the green pasture of Lothwaite just visible); distant Binsey; Bassenthwaite Water below; Skiddaw directly in front of us, of course; the Helvellyn range

beyond Keswick and Derwent Water; to, at far right, CatBells & High Spy, with the twin peaks on the far horizon of Bowfell and Esk Pike; and finally Causey Pike with the Whinlatter Forest covering Ullister Hill close by



view SE from Barf summit


Keswick, Derwent Water with the Helvellyn massif beyond.


alternative view


Causey Pike (6km/3.7miles) from Barf summit.

Layers of hills in the distance: High Spy (10.8km/6.75miles) with Glaramara (16.6km/10.3miles) behind; Bowfell (20km/12.6miles) ; then Allen Crags in front of Esk Pike  (19.3km/12.3 miles); Dale Head behind Causey Pke.

(tech note: HDR image + centre band of heather from regular ACR processing)

Keswick, Derwent Water and the Helvellyn range from Barf


Keswick from Barf 


Helvellyn (17km/10.66 miles) from Barf summit


Lord's Seat



panorama of Skiddaw, the Vale of Keswick and the Helvellyn massif (from RAW adjusted files)



16x9 crop from the above panorama : Skiddaw with Barf in Lord's Seat shadow in the near ground


(HDR processed image)


Grisedale Pike from Lord's Seat


seen on the descent : late evening (7pm) panorama from the Sayer's viewpoint showing how the trees are fast growing up to obscure the view 


Keswick Main Street and Town Hall


Keswick Main Street and Town Hall 

the classic postcard view of Keswick's Main Street and its Town Hall

(this scene, as it's been over the last 140 years, can be seen HERE )


Thornthwaite Church

Just had to re-visit this pretty little village church to photograph the amazing yew tree arch at its entrance:







~ ~ ~


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